Solar-powered AM2315 Sensor

Now, after two weeks of vacation, the sensors were in operation from 2016-05-17 until now and the battery condition is very well. This means an uninterrupted run time of 28 days until now.

You can follow the status of this IoT Node at Here is a screen shot of today’s results.

2016-06-14 Status

Solar-powered AM2315 Sensor

2 thoughts on “Solar-powered AM2315 Sensor

  1. 2016-06-18 4:57 Sensor device stopped at 2.26 V. This means a run time of 31 days uninterrupted. Without recharging a run time of 13 days was expected.
    In the hope that finally comes summer and the rainy weather ends I will start the test after recharging again.


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