Measuring Room Conditions (II)


To get data from several measuring stations I implemented MQTT on DHT11/D1 mini-Module publishing temperature and humidity data to a MQTT broker.

To monitor these data I use myMQTT Android app on my Galaxy S5 and subscribed to the topic DHT11/+/# to see all messages send with the topic DHT11/<ESP-ID>/temperature, DHT11/<ESP-ID>/humidity and DHT11/<ESP-ID>/state.

The screenshot from that app shows temperature and humidity values sent by two sensor nodes with the ESP-ID ESP8266-1138645 and ESP8266-1138432.

As subscriber node I used a NodeMCU LoLin board which sends each minute the message “in operation” to the topic DHT11/<ESP-IS>/state. This messages is usefull to monitor the operation of such a subsriber node remotely. The screenshot shows this state sent by the node with the ESP-ID ESP8266-14695321.

These ESP-IDs are generated automatically from device ID.

The program samples dht_mqtt.lua and dht_subtemp.lua can be found at Sourceforge.

Measuring Room Conditions (II)

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