Controlled Watering of your Plants

The soil moisture content is an important parameter for the life quality of plants and their growth. NodeMCU can help to control the watering of your plants with simple means.

I combined a few Grove components and a NodeMCU to build an experimental base. In the image the used components can be recognized.

Grove Moisture Sensor and LEDBar connected to NodeMCU
Grove Moisture Sensor and LEDBar connected to NodeMCU

Here ist a list of the used components (incl. their Seeedstudio ordering number):

  • NodeMCU-devkit (v0.9 or v1.0 are suitable)
  • Grove Base Shield for NodeMCU (SKU: 105020008)
  • Grove LED Bar v2.0 (SKU: 104020006)
  • Grove – Moisture Sensor (SKU: 101020008)

The Grove Base Shield has a socket for NodeMCU suitable to plug the older and the actual versions. In the image above I used an NodeMCU-devkit v0.9.

The resistive sensor can have problems by contamination over longtime.

As alternative sensors I found the capacitive moisture sensors Chirp! and VH400.
The Chirp! sensor has an I2C interface and is easy to connect. The VH400 probe has an voltage output (0 – 3 V) and can be connected similar to the Grove-Moisture senors.

I will complete the code to measure moisture, display the moisture value with an LED bar, publish a MQTT message by and visualize the data via

The last mechanism is described in my book “Building an IoT Node for less than 15 $” too.

Stay tuned 😉

Controlled Watering of your Plants

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